Instructional Lessons, Classes and Training

Massage Classes and Training:
receiving massage therapyPhenomenal Touch™ Massage Training - As a Phenomenal Touch™ Massage Instructor and Master Practitioner, Christina offers training programs. Phenomenal Touch™ Massage Level I courses are available as a 3 day session. Please call 970.531.0520 or email for more information.

Couples Massage Training - The Couples Massage Training class is designed to help you and your partner share the relaxing, therapeutic benefits of massage with each other.  The class will instruct one couple at a time, providing 1:1 individual training for increased learning and understanding. The Couples Massage Training class is scheduled for 90 minutes long. Each individual receives approximately 45 minutes on the massage table.  Stretching, body mechanics, finger/hand/arm techniques, and learning how to leverage your own body weight to give a more effective massage are just some of the items covered in this class. If you love massage and want to connect with your spouse or partner on a deeper level, this class is perfect for you!

Infant Massage Training - Infant Massage helps parents bond with their babies, improves health, sleep patterns, and reduces colic. Learning how to massage your baby is one of the greatest gifts you can give your child. You will learn techniques to calm and soothe your baby. This class can be taught as a group or on an individual basis. Call for cost info.

For more information on classes and training, please call 970.531.0520 or email for details and pricing.

Athletic Instructional Services:
Beginning Bellydance
- private or group lessons. Learn the fundamentals of belly dancing movement, basic posture, and body isolations. This is a low impact form of exercise for all body types that will improve strength, flexibility, coordination and self esteem. 12 years experience

Beginning Mountain Biking - Have you thought about wanting to mountain bike but just didn't know where to begin? I can show you some basic skills to build your confidence on your bike. 20+ years experience.

Nordic Skiing - skate or classic - If you are looking for a way to enjoy winter here in Grand County and get fit, try nordic skiing. I can teach you either skating or classic techniques that will improve your skills and efficiency so you'll be gliding your way to fun! 22 years experience.

For more information on classes and training, please call 970.531.0520 or email for details and pricing.

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"I started treatment with Christina 7 years ago when I pulled some muscles in my neck and back while shoveling snow. Christina's therapeutic massage was amazing! She sent me home with some stretching exercises and - with a few more sessions I was soon back on the slopes skiing. That was the beginning of a 'long and beautiful friendship!'

My passion is playing outdoors (bike, hike, cross country and downhill ski, snowshoe) and I soon learned that regular wellness therapy with Christina kept my injuries to a minimum AND played big in my overall feeling of well-being. 

I find Christina to be highly skilled and professional; but more so - I find her to be a kind and gentle spirit who parlays her knowledge and understanding of the effects of therapeutic massage into the power of healing mind, body and spirit."      
- Denise